Criminal/Civil litigation

Both Ralph and Eric deal with litigation on a daily basis. The key is often careful preparation, but there is also no substitute for Courtroom savvy. Effective questioning and arguing, without nerves and passivity, are a hallmark of our daily Courtroom practice. Of course, Ralph's experience as a prosecutor in the 1990's and 2000's help, along with Eric's recent Judgeship in Two Rivers Municipal Court.

Wills & Probate

Yes, we still draft Wills for less $90, and we also charge less than the customary rate for probate. Traditionally, local lawyers charged a straight 4.5% of the estate as their fee. We almost never do that; it would an insult of your loved ones to charge such a fee that is truly not earned. Yey our experience in this area is as good or better than the majority of lawyers in the area.

Family Law

Divorces and paternity cases are the most challenging area of any small town practice. People are going through the worst times in their lives, with financial devastation, emotional turmoil, and betrayal as hallmarks. Sczygelski and Pangburn have represented clients in nearly 1,000 of these case, and we have the experience, patience, and assertiveness to get the best results.

Bankruptcy and Debts

Eric has been practicing in Bankruptcy Court for more than 10 years. Our Advanced fee of $1500 is the lowest in the area, yet we get as good or better results than most attorneys.


Negotiation is the daily work of a busy lawyer. Whether trial is around the corner, or months away, the preparation and strategies that go into a successful negotiated result are no accident.

Auto Accidents

We have been involved in the collection of millions of dollars in settlements. When an insurance company starts bullying you with terms like "contributory negligence", "immunity" and "pre-existing conditions", you need someone on your side who will patiently explain the situation and aggressively fight the adjusters.